About the CPPA

Who we are

Established, originally, as the Alberta Podiatry Association (APA), the College of Podiatric Physicians (CPPA), came under the Health Professions Act in 2012.

Our Vision:

A unified profession that ensures:

  • Competency of our members
  • Access to all Podiatric Physicians
  • Quality of Care
  • Growth of the profession

Our Mission:

To protect the public by governing and promoting professioanl excellence through dynamic and collaborative leadership in Podiatric Medicine

We Value:

  • The privilege and responsibility of self government
  • Cohesiveness of our profession.
  • Progressive thinking in our approach to governing and advancing the profession. 
  • Healthy relationships with and amongst members via clear, concise and meaningful communication.

About Podiatric Medicine

Podiatric medicine is the only profession that dedicates itself exclusively to foot and ankle health and wellness. Podiatrists, known as Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (DPM), are highly trained medical specialists concerned with the examination, diagnosis and treatment of disorders and diseases affecting the foot, ankle and the lower leg by medical, surgical and biomechanical methods of treatment.

While most podiatrists in Alberta practice as generalists, some specialize in a given area such as:

  • foot surgery
  • bone and joint disorders
  • diabetic foot care
  • children's foot disorders
  • disorders common to seniors
  • sports medicine

Currently there are 69 trained podiatrists working in Alberta. Edmonton and Calgary have the largest concentrations of podiatrists; however, podiatrists are also located and provide services in towns and villages across Alberta. 


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